As a careprovider you should make certain to cover these areas with a doctor and/or discharge planner BEFORE discharge, far too often these details are not discussed at discharge only to discover too late many important details  have been overlooked.

Careproviders and healthcare professionals alike  want a safe and successful transition from hospital to home or rehab.


Questions to ask...


  • Detail of diagnosis at discharge, initial reason for this hospitalization and a summary of the current medical status? 


  • What are the recovery expectations?
  • Details of possible setbacks and whom to contact in case of that happening? 

    • List of follow up physician appointments needed. Any further medical testing done after discharge.


    • Will the hospital send a discharge to the patients primary care physician, do the hospital have that name and contact information? 


    • What is the anticipated date for discharge and at what time?


    • What is the means of transport home? Who needs to escort my loved one? If my loved one can't move independently provide suggestions for outside agencies.


    • Are there questions regarding where my loved one will be living, such as grab bars, ramps etc.?


    • Could a home assessment be arranged or lead me to a source for accomplishing this?


    • What type of equipment will be needed for my loved one's care at home? Will the discharge planner order all equipment prescribed? Detail how this equipment will aid my loved one. Can I have a demonstration for this equipment if needed and how is this equipment paid for?


    • Where is the equipment coming from? How do I reorder supplies and who to call with suppy problems?


    • Will any kind of prescribed medical services will my loved one need, such as physical therapy, skilled nursing care, personal care following discharge? In-home or outside it? How will my loved one get there?


    • How often and how long will in-home therapies/care be needed? How are these services paid for?


    • Do you have a provider list for equipment and services?


    • Since older adults should not be left along post-discharge for the initial two weeks who should be supervising?


    • What types of personal care will my loved one need, colostomy bag changing, toileting, bathing. Who takes care of this if I'm not capable of handling it? Can you make arrangements for me? 


    • Special dietary menu or restrictions?  


    • Any medications that have been discontinued during hospital stay? If so why? Are they to be restarted? Do any need refrigeration? Are you giving me a complete plan for dispensing medications?


    • Are there any warnings with current medications, such as dizzyness or mental confusion? Will the patients primary care physician receive an updated list of current medications?


    • When your loved one arrives at home can you recommend more in-home care, meals, support groups or caregiver counselors? You can always check them out at External link opens in new tab or too!


    • This is the time to share any concerns you might have regarding taking over the care of your loved one whether they be emotional, financial, legal, family, agression or spiritual!

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