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   Senior Care Advisors

Licensed centers who provide care for
up to 8 hours per day
Licensed communities who provide care to 16 or less residents
Licensed communities who provide care to 17 or more residents
Supplies independent contractors providing skilled nursing, home companion & private duty services

Provides non-medical private duty companionship, homemaking, transportation & personal hygiene care

Other Senior Services

Emergency Response, medical equipment, senior moving services etc.

Counseling Services:

Local area pharmacies (some offer delivery)
*Includes Financial Advisors
Physicians (Hearing Specialists, Dentists, etc)

Funeral Homes and Cremation:

Local services (some offer in home services)

Senior Care Advisors & Professional Guardians
Senior Care Advisors, Placement Agencies & Professional Guardians

Hospice: End of Life and Palliative Care 

Provides employee based skilled nursing, Medicare & Non-Medicare &
Companion Services
Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Facilities:  Provides Medicare & Non-Medicare skilled nursing, rehab & long term care
*Includes Acute Rehabilitation, Psychiatric