How Do I Choose the Right Senor Care Services?

Choosing the right senior care services for a family member can be challenging and emotional, especially if your loved one requires considerable medical care or has a progressive disease such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. Researching possible choices with effort and patience will provide the right fit for your family member.

Here are some strategies to get you started in selecting the right senior housing for your loved one:

1. Plan ahead. Do your homework and find out what extensive licensing may be needed for your loved one. You don't want to have to keep moving from location to location, upsetting your family member and ramping up costs because higher levels of care are not provided.

2. Review senior housing options. There are different types of options available including assisted living facilities, nursing homes, residential care centers, adult care homes, continuing care retirement centers and more. Which is right for your loved one?

3. Compare level of care costs. Are all levels of care included or is there a fee for service schedule? Also do some comparison rate inquiries, not all rates are the same.

4. Make visits. Plan to visit facilities several times, choosing different times of the day and even days of the week, shift changes usually occur at 7am, 3pm and 11pm.

5. Use a placement agency when in doubt. If you are still unsure of which way to go, try using a placement agency or geriatric case manager. Keep in mind placement agencies usually get paid by the facility on a referral basis while geriatric case managers get paid by the family.

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