New Trash Collection Services (Schedules, Deadlines, FAQ's)


Lake County's new trash collection service began in October 6th for all "unincorporated Lake County" areas. Hopefully you have gotten used to your trash collection days as some areas have experienced changes in collection days. However, if you are unsure of your new collection days you can visit:

  , where you can type in your address to see the following local information:

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  •   Address specific trash, recycling & yard waste collection schedule

  • Closest Libraries & Post Offices

  • Closest Emergency Stations/Facilities (Police, Fire, Hospital)

  • Other Services (Veteran Offices, DMV Services)


Frequently Asked Questions:

1)  Special Inst

ructions: The carts should be placed directly at the curb, with the handle away from the street facing your house. Keep a four-foot distance between carts and mailboxes or other objects, and do not park cars in front of, or close to, the cart.

2)   Which can is for trash & which is for recycling? Tan lid = Trash, Green lid = Recycling

3)   What can I recycle in my new can? All loose paper, Newspapers, Magazines, Corrugated & boxboard cardboard, All clear & colored glass, Aluminum containers, Steel tins & cans, Household plastics #1 to #7

4)   What if I need a different container size?

Important Phone Numbers:

Container damaged? Call

Lake County's Solid Waste Division at 352-343-9400 so the cart can be repaired or replaced.