How a Life Insurance Policy Can Pay for Long Term Care

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Can a life insurance policy pay for long term care expenses? YES! Instead of the owner abandoning a policy by lapsing or surrendering it for the remaining cash value - the policy can be quickly converted into a LONG TERM CARE BENEFIT.

It's a quick and simple application process with no fees or obligations. There is no age minimum and no more premium payments. All types of In-Force life insurance qualifies.


Long Term Care Benefit details

Quick and Simple application process

No Fees or Obligations

No Age Minimum or Maximum

No Premium Payments

All types of in-force life insurance qualifies.  No cash value required.

Tax-free Payments are made directly to the care provider/facility

Provides Tax-free Funeral Expense Benefit

Nursing Care, Assisted Living, Home Health and Hospice all qualify

Long Term Care Benefits can range from 40%-60% of Face Value

Call Scott today to learn how this tax-free benefit could assist you or a loved one to get and pay for the care they need.

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